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Distribution of the most important grapevines and wines around the world.

Kinds of vine-stocks, kinds of wine and theirs characteristics.

Barbera - White, Red and Rose. Fruity and light. Elegant and beefy.
Cabernet-Sauvignon - Red. Aromatic, fruity, sensual, strong red, body.
Carignan - Red. Acid, fresh, low level of alcohol. Its color is stable with the time.
Chardonnay - White. Soft and aromatic.
Chasselas - White and golden. Fruity and dry.
Chenin - White. Fruity. Dry and sweet.
Cinsaut - Rose. Perfumed, fruits from the woods, coveted, funny.
Clairette - White with golden sparks. Dry, low acid.
Gamay - White with violet touch. Fruity, light.
Garnacha (Grenache in French)- Red, White and Rose. Fruity, low acid, beefy.
Gros Verdot - Red light. Perfumed as woods. Ashes flavor.
Macabeus - White with a light golden touch. Low acid, light.
Malbec - Red. Dark with personality. Aromatic. Fruity and coveted.
Merlot - Red. Light and aromatic, beefy and lightly sweet.
Moscatel Black (or Moscatel from Hamburg)- Red. Dark, aromatic and a complex fruity flavor. Fresh and sweet.
Mondeuse - Red. Elegant and soft. Low acid.
Murviedro (or Monastrell in French) - Red. Intense color, beefy and lightly dry.
Muscadet - White with a Amber color. Light and sparkling.
Muscat blanc - White. Light and fruity. Low acid. It can be dry either sweet.
Nerello - Red. Intense colour. Young. Fruity and lightly acid.
Palomino - White y yellow touch. Aromatic, fruity, fortified.
Petit Syrah - Red as ruby. Elegant. Fruit-bush flavor. Intense and coveted.
Petit Verdot - Red and strong purplish. Aroma as banana and pencil. Complex flavor between lether and woods.
Pinot Black (or Pinot Noir in French) - Red. Mate color. Aromatic. Fruits from the woods. Light.
Riesling - White. Fruity and floral. Light mineral flavor. Gentile.
Saint Emilion - Red. Fruity with light tannins. Its body enhance with the time.
Sauvignon Blanc- White. Fresh and elegant. Grassy flavor lightly and sweet.
Savagnin - White or yellow, with golden color. Fresh, sweet and complex. Lightly acid. Gentile.
Semillon - White. Flowers aroma. Sweet and soft texture.
Syrah - Rose to violet. Robust, gently with a strong coveted flavor.
Sylvaner - White to yellow. Fruity. Charming. Lightly acid.
Tannat - Red. Dry and tender. Soft. Lightly fruity. Body.
Traminer - White
Verdot -
Viogner -
Zinfandel - Red and White-Rose. With body, little sweet, showy, bold. Coveted flavor as fruits from the woods. High level of alcohol.

Around the world the grape-vine has been popularized, but here the most important or with more genetic heritage will be showed.

Gros Verdot from Maipu,
Malbec from Mendoza and Patagonia,
Merlot from Rio Negro, Maipu and Mendoza,
Pinot Black from Rio Negro,
Semillon from Rio Negro,
Shiraz from Mendoza
Verdot from Mendoza

Pinot Black from Rolling Hills- Farady,
Muscat Blanc from Victoria,

Petit Verdot from British Columbia

Malbec from Colchagua Valley,
Merlot from Central Valley,
Petite Verdot from Maipo Valley,
Semillon from Central Valley,

Cabernet-Sauvignon from Bordeaux,
Carignan from Ardennes,
Chardonnay from Burgundy,
Chenin from Loira and Anjou,
Cinsaut from Languedoc,
Chasselas from Neuchâtel,
Gamay from Beaujoleis,
Garnacha from Rhone, Provence, Languedoc and Roussillon.
Malbec from Bordeaux and Cahors,
Gros Verdot from Gironde,
Merlot from Bordeaux,
Moscatel Black from Frontignan,
Mondeuse from Saboya,
Pinot Black from Burgundy,
Petite Verdot from Bordeaux,
Sant Emilion from Bordeaux,
Sauvignon blanc from Loira and Anjou,
Savagnin from Jura,
Semillón from Gironde,
Tannat from Hauts-Pyrenées,
Verdot (or Fer in French) from Gaillac

Pinot Black from Rheingau
Savagnin from Durbach in Baden
Sylvaner from Rhin,
Riesling from Rhin,
Traminer from Mosela

Barbera from Piamonte,
Carignan from Gragnano,
Muscat Blanc from Piamonte,
Nerello from Sicily,

Barbera from Baja California,
Cabernet Franc from Baja California,
Cabernet Sauvignon from Baja California and Queretaro,
Chardonnay from Baja California and Queretaro,
Chenin Blanc from Baja California and Queretaro,
Macabeu from Queretaro,
Malbec from Baja California and Queretaro,
Merlot from Baja California and Queretaro,
Moscatel from Baja California,
Palomino from Baja California,
Petit syrah from Baja California,
Petit verdot from Baja California,
Pinot Black from Queretaro,
Sant Emilion from Queretaro
Sauvignon Blanc from Baja California and Queretaro,
Syrah from Baja California and Queretaro,
Viogner from Baja California,
Zinfandel from Baja California

New Zealand
Cabernet Sauvignon from Hawkes Bay,
Chardonnay from Canterbury,
Merlot from Hawkes Bay
Pinot Noir from Canterbury, Hawkes Bay, Marlborough y Otago,
Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough,
Riesling from Canterbury

Barbera from Catalonia,
Carignan from Catalonia and La Rioja,
Macabeo from Valencia, Catalonia and La Rioja.
Malbec from Castilla La Mancha, Castilla and Leon,
Moscatel Black from Canaria Islands,
Muscat Blanc from Valencia,
Murviedro from Valencia and Alicante,
Palomino from Jerez and Canaria Islands,
Petit Verdot from Almeria and Valencia,
Pinot Black from La Rioja and Valencia.

South Africa
Pinot Black from Walker Bay.

Suitzerland (from Cantons of France).
Muscat Blanc,

Carignan from California,
Malbec from California,
Merlot from California,
Muscat Blanc from California,
Pinot Black from California,
Semillon from California,
Petit Verdot from California and Texas,
Zinfandel from California

Tannat from Canelones Deparment